1. beastiegirls:

    Good timeZ

  2. arist0kat:

    Throwback Thursday to the Louisville Zombie Walk 2013. The hottest zombie ya ever did see.

  3. reddgirls:

    #lincoln #president #artwork on #bardstown road #Louisville

  4. carcharodonmeg:

    Hey, 2nd St bridge.  I love you!

  5. epicuriouslouisville:

    I went to Gralehaus this morning. Chief among my culinary sins (they are many) is that I have yet to visit either Holy Grale or Gralehaus, despite often recommending them. It was absolutely perfect and beautiful. 

    • The modbar espresso system is some next-leval coffee making bliss. 
    • Fizzy, cool, unsweet tea is my new favorite summer beverage. 
    • The macchiato had the most velvety, fuzzy coating of froth imaginable. 
    • Garden was gorgeous, utterly instagrammable. 
    • Menu was small, can’t wait to try everything on it. 

    New favorite coffee place. It’s official. 



  7. "To all you kids out there…
    You can make this shit up!
    That’s what we did."
    — Outkast @ Forecastle 2014 (via teamneversleep)
  8. festivalsnob:

    Not everyone who participated in the Four Loko horse racing at forecastlefest finished the race.  Poor fella in Lane 1 decided a nap was more important.