1. louisvilleloveapp:

    Ready you ready for some football? #cardnation by allisonrmyers http://ift.tt/1mOWMsu

  2. utopiastronaut:

    #campus #uofl #louisville #green 🌿🍃


  4. y00nster:

    Strawberry banana Nutella crepe from Four Sisters


  5. happinesshighlights:

    1. it’s loo-uh-vul. louie-ville is ok if you’re visiting, louis-ville is cause for public stoning.

    2. there are no traffic circles [that i’ve seen yet].

    3. most ladies wear lipstick.

    4. craft beer > wine.

    5. a lot of restaurants/stores/activities are closed on sunday.

    6. there are no 7-11s…


  9. merlincomics:

    I made dis

    It’s my hometown


  10. uoflminecraft:

    Putting up some walls, then the load-bearing pillars. Going to build the next layer of floor next.